NEW classes begin summer 2023 - - Howards Art Supplies & Framing - Info. 301-733-2722, Howardsart@aol.com

2. Washington County Museum of Fine Art,  Landscape Workshop - MAY, 2023 - a class in the traditional, glazing, landscape process. Instruction includes two videos and two in-person classes, Saturdays, May 20 and June 3 at 2 pm. Prior to the first class, students must watch an instructional/introduction video, as well as choose a subject, take photos, develop sketches and prep canvases. Class 1: work with traditional layered approach, i.e., sketch, massing, underpainting. Second video covers the intermediate steps: color, glazing, building from the backward forward. Class 2: wrap up paintings, summary discussion/ critique. $165 per person plus supply list. To register, call Donna Rastelli at (301) 739-5727 - drastelli@wcmfa.org  

4. ONLINE Classes (synchronous workshop + one-on-one session) - inquire forgabriel@icloud.com

also: Online 90 min. one-on-one review of artist's work (4 - 5 pieces) with a follow-up online 90 m. critique after 2 - 3 weeks.