1. Howards Art Supplies - Hagerstown
IN-PERSON  6-week Landscape Introduction workshop  begins June 15, 2021.      Intermediate (– some experience with painting advised) ACRYLIC FROM START TO FINISH – Acrylic technique From Drawing to a Finished Painting … your own topic from Animals, Landscapes, Architecture (can incorporate buildings & landscape).

Additional classes and workshops - Howards Art Supplies & Framing - Info. Megan, 301-733-2722, Howardsart@aol.com

In-Person 4-week INTRODUCTION to acrylic painting using GRISAILLE approach & GLAZING.

Begins June 22 - Howards Art Supplies & Framing - Info. Megan, 301-733-2722, Howardsart@aol.com

June 17th, Landscape workshop - Mansion House, City Park, Hagerstown,
The goal of the workshop will be how to find a subject (in beautiful Hagerstown City
Park), develop a painting and work through the basic glazing process, concluding
with a discussion of how the process will be completed at home.  If a student adds 60 to 90
minutes after the workshop, a completed painting is easily achievable.
Minimum number of participants is 6, and the maximum is 9.
Deadline for Registration is Thursday, June 8, 2021:  to register, please contact Elaine Wolfe at valleyartinfo@gmail.com or call 304-754-5116.

. Online 90 min. one-on-one review of artist's work (4 - 5 pieces) with a follow-up online 90 m. critique after 2 - 3 weeks.